About This Blog

The Green and Gold Blog is a professional project in pursuit of a Master of Science in Environmental Studies. Here you will find posts about some topics in environmental science (and other general science too). Topics will be presented in an informal way, and hopefully in a non-boring way as well.

About Me

Hi my name is Chris, and if I haven’t done it already, welcome to my Green and Gold Blog. I’m a graduate student at Green Mountain College in my final year for the MSES program. Currently I reside just outside Scranton, Pennsylvania. I graduated from Keystone College in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology. I hope you find my blog useful. Below are some of my contact details, I hope to see you around!

Twitter – @ChrisatGnG

email – chrisatgng@gmail.com


None Yet!

Thanks to All Who Help Make This Possible

Lori Curtis
Ron E. Steffens
Dr. Meriel J. Brooks
Mark Fazioli
And all of the Green Mountain College Graduate Program Faculty
Alexander Kahrs
Nathan Standley
Michael Patti
Taylor Blackmoor
Andrew Ferguson
And to all reading!

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