A Discussion About THE Discussion

So today I wanted to talk about climate change, specifically the discussion behind climate change. Thanks to any number of things (politics mostly) any discussion about climate change always starts the same. Whether it is real or not… whether it is natural or man-made… or whatever ‘us vs. them’ argument of your choice (I’m partial to angry spirits vs. magic myself). Ask the average media personnel and they’ll reference an interview between a scientist and climate change denier. With media coverage framed like this obviously scientists are split down the middle as to whether climate change is a real thing or whether it’s just make believe right?

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Why Conservation?

This question was posed to me while discussing my classwork with a friend. I was just looking for a grammar check. He posed this question to me rather tongue in cheek ‘why conserve at all?’ The thing is, I didn’t have an answer for him. Instead I talked circles around the question and never actually addressed it (as if I was a pro politician). As someone who has spent the better part of seven years studying science, specially environmental science, the answer to that question is abstract concept. Is one of those things I never gave a second thought to, because of how innate the subject is to me. I accept that conservation is important, just like I accept I should eat food every day or that I should live on the internet (even if I shouldn’t).

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Am I a Hypocrite?

To qualify myself as someone you should be listening to, as we explore the wonders of environmental studies, I first need to qualify myself. Who I am, and why am I here? (On this webpage I mean, this isn’t an existential crisis) If you’ve managed to get here completely by accident…. hello, my name is Chris, welcome to my Green and Gold blog.

The question of the hour of course is ‘Am I a Hypocrite’? If I am to talk about some of the tough environmental issues we face today; pollution, over-population, climate change…I have to be a hippie freak right? Everything organic…my home powered 100% by renewables, 100% recycling, 0% waste, no carbon footprint, etc. etc. etc. I have to be a tree-hugging naturephile, a vegan, and hate society. I know for a lot of people those are images that get conjured when someone says they are an environmentalist. (If that even is the appropriate label) As you may imagine, none of these things are the case. My home is powered by the local utility company, so I seriously doubt it’s 100% renewable. I try to recycle, but I do it much less than I should. We throw away quite a bit of trash all destined for the local landfill. While I sometimes keep my hair long, I have no desire to hug trees, I eat meat, and am generally all for modern day society. Out of all my colleagues, you are least likely to find me outside. Am I a hypocrite? Yes, in more ways than one.

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